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Tristan's Resume

Think More,Code Less

My name is Tristan

A Software Developer

Wait moment

Let me rethink it...


more specifically

I am a ...

Problem Solver

I fix problem

which makes by user

well,and by myself

I'm looking for

something interesting

Maybe it's a job

If you are seeking

a Problem Solver

not a Problem Maker

Keep going

Let me introduce myself...

My Past


2008-2012 GuiYang University SE Bachelor

  • Straight A student
  • The National Motivational Scholarship Owner
  • Province Outstanding Graduate Scholarship
  • MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) ID#7545679
  • CET 4 & CET 6 (500+)


2010 CUMCM

  • CUMCM National First Prize!
  • CUMCM:A contest which includes universities from Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan,Singapore and America.It require giving a solution of specified problem in limited time(3 days)


2012-2013 Muilti-Tenant E-Training Platform

  • In short:one E-training platform,several tenants coexist.
  • Key words:ASP.NET,C#,Webservice,Javascript,JSON
  • My job:back-end&mobile portal(version 1) development
  • Online demo: Mazda Tenant(ID:vinnoadmin PSW:vinnosoft)


2014 Microsoft Education App Alliance:Study Centre

  • Windows 8.1 app,focus on E-learning,score 4.7/5.0,downloads up to 4000+!
  • Key words:XAML/C#,MVVM,HyperCloud Deployment
  • My job:app development & maintaining
  • App Landing Page(my work): Study Centre

More about me:

Reads on Douban

Codes on Github

Activeness on Stackoverflow

Talks on Weibo


I'm learning NODE.JS

a powerful platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime

and I hope Node.js developer is my next job

Of course

next jobs also under consideration

Windows 8 App Development(C#)

Front-end Development

ASP.NET Development

HTML5 Development

That's all! Contact me with:

Wechat ID:yanggc_2013

E-mail:yanggc888 AT

Maybe we can have a talk face to face!

I'm in Beijing,where are you?

Are you still browersing this?


I deem it an honour,so here are my hobbies:

Tip:get more by clicking on each item :)

Riding Photography

Still?Amazing,I'm impressed!

Feel free to let me know that you got that far

Below is my cellphone number

I believe you are smart enough to get it \(^o^)/

+86 18201385848

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